Guinea Pigs

The next stop is a visit to the house of Gertrudis, who has a ‘granja de cuyes’ (guinea pig farm). She will teach you all about the process of raising guinea pigs and the traditional rituals that are involved in raising these animals on a daily basis.

The Incas believed that guinea pigs had supernatural powers that could help identify and cure illnesses. It was believed that the guinea pig could identify the source of the illness if it were placed above the body of a sick person.

Guinea pigs are also a special delicacy in this part of Peru, eaten at festivals, birthdays etc. However, initiatives attempting to promote the cuisine of the guinea pig in other parts of the world have not succeeded as guinea pig meat is still considered a dish particularly exotic and is therefore eaten exclusively in Peru.


The workshop on raising guinea pigs is presented by Sra. Gertrudis.

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Guinea pigs were traditionally indigenous and wild to this area of Peru. Nowadays, they are usually domesticated.