La Chicha, Drink of the Incas

The preparation of ‘chicha‘  is an ancient tradition that has persisted in Peru since Inca times. You will stop by the house of Carmen, a local ‘chichera’. She will show you all the steps taken in preparing ‘chicha’, a corn beer traditionally drunk by the Incas, and you will also have the chance to try it. The drink is made from fermented corn and various local plants, fruits and roots can be added into the mixture as well, creating regional distinctions in taste.

Some examples of the many types of corn that can be used can be seen below.

Chicha Media Luna Peru2

There are thousands of varieties of corn that are grown and produced in Peru. Each region of the country produces its own ‘chicha’ according to its own traditions and produce.

Chicha Media Luna Peru6

‘Chicha’ is made from fermented corn. Depending on the particular region, ‘chicha’ can vary in taste and appearance.