Hike to ‘Las Salineras’ of Maras

If you love adventure and want to discover new places in the Sacred Valley, then this hike is for you.

This activity affords you the chance to enjoy a different hiking experience from that of “Las Chullpas”. You will be guided by a local village elder and expert, Tiburcio, who works in the Salineras salt pits to extract salt from the earth. Many families from the community of the Media Luna work here.

There are a total of 4,500 salt pits which date back to pre-Inca culture. You will have the opportunity to walk amongst the salt pits when they are dry, learn about the physically challenging process of extracting salt, and walk above the site and buy products made from the salt extracted in this unique place.


The hikes are guided by Don Tiburcio. Here, we can see him leading a group of visitors through the ‘Salineras’ salt pits of Maras.


A photo of some of the ‘Salineras’ salt pits taken from below.