Andean Textiles and Natural Dyes

The third stop on the tour is a visit to the beloved weaver of the community. Marleni will show you how she creates dyes for her wool with wholly natural ingredients made from various local plants and minerals. Afterwards, she will demonstrate the different weaving methods she uses to create the wonderful textiles that are used in the Sacred Valley.

Some of the dyes that are created are from plant extracts such as eucalyptus, ‘chilca’, ‘molle’ and ‘tara’. She also uses a local insect, the cochineal, which can be found on a particular type of local cactus plant. All ingredients used to create the different textiles are 100% natural.

You will have the opportunity to try out the traditional Andean loom and try your hand at weaving in the traditional manner. During this workshop, the weaver will explain the significance of the different prints and patterns used in the Sacred Valley such as the llama, which represents family and marriage.


Srta. Marleni is the expert on weaving in the community. She has great knowledge of the traditional weaving methods and natural dyes.


All the dyes made for coloring the textiles are 100% natural.