Incredible Medicinal Plants

First, you will meet our expert in medicinal plants, Ysabel, who will share her extensive knowledge about the remedial and curative properties of a wide variety of local plants. You will be surprised to learn of the almost magical properties that can be found in certain plants, at the same time increasing your own knowledge about the natural diversity in the Sacred Valley.

Some of the plants (amongst many) that can be found in Ysabel’s garden are: common rue (or ‘herb of grace’), verbena, eucalyptus, rosemary, nettle, lemon balm. Locally specific plants include: ‘molle’, ‘flor de rosa’ and ‘tara’. Ysabel’s mother passed on her knowledge of the medicinal uses of these plants to her daughter; choosing never to take her children to a hospital, she developed her own natural pharmacy in her back garden.

For most Peruvians in the rural areas, children are taught how to identify local plants and are instructed in their usage from a young age. For example, children know that leaves from the pine tree can help cure throat infections and respiratory problems.


The Sacred Valley of the Incas contains a diverse range of flora and fauna. Sra. Ysabel is an expert in local plants.


Some local plants used for medicinal purposes in the community of Media Luna can be seen above.