Traditional Lunch

Welcome to Peru, a gastronomical ambassador for Latin America to the rest of the world! And Media Luna is no exception – here, you will have the opportunity to eat traditional local cuisine prepared by Juana. She cooks over a wood fire using time honored traditional recipes.

In addition, you have the choice of whether you want to sample guinea pig – traditionally consumed on special occasions. The choice is entirely up to you whether you want to try this delicious meat or not. Should you wish to try guinea pig, this has to be specified when you book the tour as it is prepared only on request.

Finally, the community of Media Luna offers several types of dishes that can be modified according to your own dietary needs. Peruvian cuisine is deliciously varied for all those who are interested in sampling it!


The wide variety in taste is incredible, as are the colors that usually accompany the decoration in Peruvian cuisine.

Almuerzo Media Luna Peru4

The traditional herbal teas are very healthy and delicious. Some of the local plants used as teas are lemon grass, mint and the coca leaf.