“At the end, when Carmen hugged us bye I got really emotional. It was the highlight of the whole experience!”

“The guinea pigs were so cute! It was nice to learn how valued they are amongst the Inca community.”

“I love that I got to participate! What an incredible time!”

“Carmen touched my heart. She was so humble and took great pride in her chicha-making!”

“It was all very memorable, enjoyable and humbling.”

“A great day with heartwarming locals – trying to make a living and showing us how!”

“Resting at the top of the hill during the hike was a great moment. What a fantastic view!”

“I found the day to be very informative, interesting, beautiful, and educational. I understand more about current life in an indigenous community”

“I really enjoyed the weaving activity – it was really interactive and interesting! I loved seeing how the dyes were made.”

“I have been on this tour 5 times now over the past 2 years and this time it was the most wonderful.”